A Simple Meal at Recess

Date:  Jan 156, 2013

There first two things that you get out from Primary 1 is

1.  The habit of saving money.  (We will deal with the habit of spending at much later time).

2.  Eating habits.  (Kids still love the home cook meal).

Today, for the first time, Jay Jay going to bring his favourite soya sauce noodles 干捞面.  This is the container he will be using.

IMG 6175

You got to make sure he knows how to open.

IMG 6176

I don’t think the school sell many fruits, so, this is a way to bring fruits for Jay.  The first compartment has fruits.

IMG 6177

Let’s check out the 2nd compartment.

IMG 6178

2nd compartment is Jay’s main dish.

IMG 6179

You open it by turning anti-clockwise.

IMG 6180

This is the noodle I love to eat.  With lots of home grown green onion leaves.

IMG 6181

This container can keep warm for a while.  So, we are testing it.  If it is OK, the food still a little bit warm, then, we will make more things for Jay to bring to school.  And he will spent a little money to buy drinks and save the rest.  That is how he start to save money.

IMG 6183

And wow, so far, he has saved up $33.10 as of Jan 15, 2013.  Good job.

IMG 6190

And of course, we have this to keep his cookies for the short snack break.

IMG 6182

IMG 6020

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