Making His First PE Journal

Date:  Jan 15, 2013

Last week, Jay came back, and described how he wanted to make his PE Journal.  

So, he found a blue paper, and ask my helper to cut to fit it to cover the exercise book.

Then, he asked me to print some photos of him playing sports.  

I asked him which photos he wants, he said, The football, the bicycle, the ski, the bowling, the prawn fishing, the flying kite, the Taykwondo, the swimming, the ping pong, the forest adventure, and so on and so on…

IMG 6169

So, I said “Your wish is my command…” (using robot sound)

And I selected those photos for him to choose.  He selected some, and I print.

Then, using a very “high tech” glue, (the one in the top photo, the blue pen thing beside Jay’s hand), one by one, we stick the photos onto the PE Journal.  

Then, he writes the title, the PE Journal, the name, the class, and so on.

IMG 6171

There you go.  A PE journal.  He is going to record down what he do in the PE class, PAL class in this book.  And I know he is going to talk about those photos of his.  He is very talkative, you know.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 6172

A happy kid who enjoy his new Primary school.  Boy we are so glad about this!

IMG 6173

IMG 5168

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