It’s Tennis Lesson #1

Date:  Jan 15, 2013

For Primary 1 students, it meant a lot to them if they can learn something together with their familiar K2 friends.  Today is the first lesson where Jay Jay learned how to play tennis together with Lukas & Louis, Ashlyn, Royston.  

It rained earlier at 3pm.  But Jay Jay look into the sky and say “老天爷,不要下雨!”.  


All the kids are beginners, so, they need to learn how to pick up the racket and start hitting balls.

Nice swing!  Lukas.


We found this coach from the Internet.  And he teaches around Clementi area.


Coach Zul is from STA, and I think he is qualify to teach the kids.


So, the first lesson is learning how to grab the racket, and how to swing it.

Nice swing, Jay!  Well done!


May be last time, when I sent Jay for the Tennis Tots is when Jay is 4 years old, which is a bit too young for him.  He could not even carry the racket correctly, and it is too heavy for him.  Now, 7 years old kid, is different.  I have to buy a new racket for him.  

Here is Royston swinging with 2 hands.  But coach Zul says, please use 1 hand.


Nice swing, Ashlyn!


Little Louis’ turn to hit the ball.


In this class, we have 3 lefty and 2 right handers.


Every one seems to have fun during the 1 hour lesson.  See you next Tuesday!


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