PPTV Version 9.9.9

Date:  Sep 25, 2014

Today PPTV App on all Android TV Box goes nuts again!

What Happen?

The Chinese government does not like the TV content providers to allow their iPhone / iPad (or Android equivalent) app to be run on a TV set top box or inside the TV (such as Xiaomi TV).

So, the government warn and ask PPTV to push an update 3.5.1 to force every one to update.  And the update is smart enough to detect that you are running it on a Xiaomi box and stop all functions but delivering the following message.

IMG 1292

How To Solve This?

You will need to 

1.  Delete the version of PPTV you have on your Xiaomi TV (or equivalent)

2.  Download the version 9.99 from below link.

3.  Copy it onto a USB drive.

4.  Plug the USB drive into Xiaomi box or Xiaomi TV.

5.  高清播放器 (Xiaomi stock media player) will auto detect the USB.

6.  Go in and find the file pptvTVnoupdate_9.99.apk and install it.

      PPTV Version 9.9.9:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_2LIa_dWu8sbVFxNDRjZk9Oa0E/edit?usp=sharing (Click to Download)

7.  That’s it.

So, this version is 9.9.9.  And it should run as per normal.

IMG 1290

How To Identify?

If you forgot to delete the previous version, you will have multiple icons on your dashboard.

The version that has the word “PAD” or the word “TV” will not work for now.

It is easy to identify.

IMG 1293

When you run version 9.9.9 it should looks the same as your previous version.

IMG 1294

All the latest US shows shows should be there. 

IMG 1295

All the TVB show (Cantonese or Chinese version) are there.  Episode 12 for 大药房

IMG 1296

使徒行者 is Episode 22.

IMG 1297

The Chinese government will try their best to block all these.  But I am very sure PPTV and others will find ways to defy this.


  1. On the ViewQwest + FreedomVPN, PPTV is the best. QiYi does not work well on the same network. PpTV has adaptive streaming, means if network is good, it delivers high HD streaming, if network slow, pptv delivers SD quality. QiYi delivers I think only HD streaming. So launching of show or fast forward shows is slower. Pptv on VQ network gives real China version of pptv content, means thousands of tv series. Pptv on other isp, is international version. Only few hundreds outdated shows which is copyright to show outside china.

  2. Thanks for prompt reply, but with China regulating video streaming, we won't know how long pptv will deliver.
    Hope to see more update from your blog, Nice work.

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