Bowling Night

Date:  Sep 27, 2014

Father & Son Game

This week, after some guidance from Jimmy (Jay’s bowling coach), we changed Kay Kay’s way of holding the bowling ball and trying to get him to get use to throwing the ball from right to left.  And really, it changes the game.  The ball sometimes hook to the left.  So, he now stick his middle finger and fourth finger into the two holes, but not the thumb, and use two hands to throw the ball.  

Kay is about 15KG, the ball is 6KG, so, for him, bowling ball is very heavy.  But somehow, he loves it.

The whole night, he bring the ball to the line, and then, put in his two fingers, and then, throw the ball sideway.  

IMG 1364

For very young kid (i.e. 5 years old), this is what we should do to train him.  Thanks the coach for the tip.

Kay spares, I spare.  Hahahaha.  

Father and son playing bowling can be that fun too.

IMG 1373

And he spares it again!

Well done Mr. Kay!  haHaHaha…

IMG 1376

Next, Jay Jay will play against his brother.

And he will be playing without bumpers.

Aiya… it does not hook.

The two brothers fought hard.  Kay plays with bumpers so got huge advantages.  But he is only 5.

Jay plays without bumper, and he is still learning to control the ball.  After his lesson, he must be very tired on his arms liao.  hahaha

But later, he did manage to hook a few 9 pins.  And stay in the game neck to neck with Kay Kay.

The final result of the game is 72 (Jay) Vs. 71 (Kay).

The two brothers hug and smile.

IMG 1381

An Hour Earlier

This is Jay’s new bowling ball.  Blue!

IMG 1345

It will be best to make your own ball as most of the bowling ball at the bowling court there, mostly does not fit your unique fingers.

Coach Jimmy is fitting his 3 fingers into the ball.

IMG 1347

He will be trained with his bowling ball from now on.

IMG 1349

Today he will do a one step forward bowl.

IMG 1377

I tried to learn.  But I failed to hook my ball today.  How is it so easy when Jay did it?  


1.  When kids has some interest in something, give him a chance.

2.  Do not try to be a coach yourself.  You may teach wrong thing to the kids.  It will be difficult for the kid to unlearn it.

3.  Let the expert do the job.  It is their job to teach the kid.

4.  No matter how tire you are, or how busy you are, participate in it, play with your kids.  Don’t just sent them there and sit aside check your email on your smart phones.  (I see a lot of dads and moms doing so).  Sit behind him, watch the whole process, you might learn a thing of few from the lesson too.

5.  Have fun!  Most importantly is to have fun!

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