A Garden To Grow Vegetables

Date:  Sep 27, 2014

My wife joined as one of the committee member at the Condo I stay.

(Sometimes, you got to let your wife do things that she likes.  Yes, that means, she might spent less time with kids, and you get more time play with kids, but it is totally with it.  Trust me!  Hahahaha)

So, one of her responsibility is to revamp the pond, and the garden.  So she is in charge of trees, plants affairs in our Condo.

IMG 1720

Of course, one of the benefit is she can ask and recommend anything.

Such as having a small space here to plant vegetables so that the kids can learn how the plants are grown.

Here, Jay Jay is watering his Jagung (Corn).

IMG 1909

This is the corn that Jay Jay & Mommy planted.

IMG 1826

It has grown from small to big.

IMG 1828

They also have lady fingers.

And we have been starting to harvest and eating the vegetables from this garden.

IMG 1829

The corn has almost grown up and soon to be harvest.

Yeah!  All ORGANIC.  We fertilised it with all the wasted vegetables, fruit skins and so on.

IMG 1913

Kids also learn and mix with the insects that comes with it.

Every day, they will spent some time here to look after their garden.

IMG 1914

Of course, it is for public.  Anyone can come and take the vegetables grown here.

It is fun.

And I think it is good for kids too.

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