Learning Chinese – Pokemon Way!

Date:  Jan 1, 2017

This should be my first post of the new year 2017.

Happy New Year!!!

Learning Chinese language is not easy when there is not a lot of time for the children to listen to Chinese and talk in Chinese.

Those family who watch Channel 8 will have slightly advantages because at least the kids are watching the TV and learn the Chinese from the TV.

But some times the content of the Channel 8 or other channels may not be suitable for the kids.

This year, I am going to add in this program into the kids learning routines.

Yeap!  I am going to allow them to watch Pokemon.  There are about 788 episodes (each episodes 20 min).  So, I am going to let them watch Pokemon and learn Chinese at the same time.

My kids love Pokemon.  They don’t mind watching it in English or Chinese.  I managed only downloaded 79 episodes of English dubbed Pokemon cartoons.  But these Chinese website has 788 episodes not to mention the movies, and the Pokemon XY and XYZ series.

So, the trick is to let them watch 2-3 episodes a day.  And I am very sure that after watching 20 episodes, they will start to talk 比比鸟 &乘龙.

Lapras is “乘龙”, Pigeotto is “比比鸟”… hahaha

Charmander is “小火龙”, and Squitel is “杰尼龟”

But the only thing is, sometimes the subtitles is in traditional Chinese.

Well, consider that Taiwan was under Japanese control for so many years, a lot of Taiwanese knew both Chinese and Japanese, that is why they are quite good in translating the Japanese TV, movies and Anime.  So, we have to stick with traditional Chinese for these amazing Anime.

If you have an Amazon FireTV (Android) or Xiaomi or Unblock Tech or any Media box, you can actually download the PPTV app and watch it.


PPTV is now renamed as CIBN剧精彩.


These are all the Pokemon cartoons you can find.


They also got movies almost every year.


Hopefully, after watching all the Pokemon, they can start to watch Doraemon.  And others.

And most importantly, they can start learning how to speak Chinese.  hahaha


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  1. Could you give some more advice on how to access this service? I would like to use Chinese episodes for education as well.

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