Good Food in Bangkok

Date: Nov 12, 2017

Last week, I have asked my Thailand golf tour agent – Mr. Thomas Kum to plan for me a quick golf + eating trip.

If you wish to play golf or plan for a family trip, you can look for him. This is his name card.

While I am in Bangkok, I have visited the following three eateries.

1. A nice place for braised beef and Tu-kar (Braised Pork Leg).

OK, this is an old restaurant opened by a Thai Chinese (Guo Yan Song).

Look at the store itself. Very old timer store.

This store have both first floor and the second floor (air-con). This is the braised beef pot. OK, I don’t know… but I think and I hope they do not wash this pot so to keep the taste of yesterday or years before. Wahahaha… a lot of nice nice braised beef store don’t wash their pot, they just keep on cooking and cooking day by day.

Look at the braised beef and their intestines. Wow… Amazing!!!

Usually, they will eat like a steam boat. This is the beef soup.

Let the steam boat boiled, and you see the tender beef. Very nice to eat. The soup is not so thick as you would imagine. And it is not so strong taste as you would think. But it taste good.

And you usually eat it with the Kuey Teiw. Like eating Kuey Chap like that.

This is a set for 2-4 person. See that red meat (beef)? It is one of the best sukiyaki I have ever taste it.

I have no idea how they marinate it. But according to Thomas, they use ripe papaya and squash it and marinate together with the beef for over night.

When you cook it, you just need to put in the hot water for less than 30 seconds. And make sure you don’t over cook it. And this beef meat is so so so so tender. Very nice to eat.

It goes very well with your Kuey Chap. Hahaha

Oh, they also sell braised pork leg. Very nice and tender.

Thomas says some of his customer actually love the Kambing Soup (Lamb soup). We ordered one bowl and try. It is herbal soup. And the lamb meat I would say had lost about 90% of its lamb smell). It is nice also.

The lamb meat is also tender.

As you can see they won quite a good scores from WongNai website. WongNai is Thailand eating recommendation web site.

The name of the store is call Wattana Panich Restaurant – Beef Noodle (Kway Tebow Nuea).

This is the address. It is on Ekkamai (Sukhumvit 63).

Here is the map.

2. Very nice Braised Goose and Braise Goose Leg Noodle.

Again, this is another Thai Chinese Restaurant (Chai Qing Li). It’s specialty is to sell braised goose.

They are in business since 1049. And they sell goose. Not like Hong Kong roasted goose, but this is braised goose.

Half goose is 1000 Baht. Not too bad.

Look at item #21. Let’s order that too. It is goose leg braised noodle.

If you want to eat the spare parts there also have. Such as goose blood, goose neck, goose tongue.

We also order the bitter gourd soup. Very nice and fat bitter gourd. The soup taste delicious.

Our braised goose is here.

Unlike Hong Kong one, the Thai goose is not as fat. But is tasty.

However, the tastiest one is this goose leg braised noodle. Wow… it is very nice!

The noodle is well braised equally. And the taste of the goose leg is so good.

This is Chua Kim Lee Din Daeng Goose. Very nice.

This is the address. It is at Krung Thep Maha Nakhon. I have no idea where is it.

Here is the map.

They also sell this.

3. Peking Duck and braise Tu kar. This is from Hong Min Chinese Restaurant. You can easily search the web for this restaurant, I believe it is everywhere. It is like our Jumbo in Singapore. Very nice restaurant.

We ordered the braised Thai fish maw soup. Very nice.

This comes in a set lunch set. The braised abalone soup.

Come together with the set is this nice and tasty Peking duck. The oily fat fat one is very nice. Melt in your mouth. And I think the way how they include the small ring of red chili makes it taste a bit diff and nice when you wrap it with the poh piah wrap.

Come with the Peking duck and braised abalone soup is this braised pork leg noodle. WOW.

Let me describe it. You know those Pork Leg can food that you normally buy from super market, those pork leg comes with the bones that can chew. Well, this braised pork leg also have that same kind of bones that you can chew and eat the bone. Very very nice!

It is so tasty and we can stop eating it. Wahahahahaha

The remaining duck meat is used to stir fried with black pepper and spices.

So, this is the after golf chinese food I took for my trip. At night, usually I will eat Halal food. (Meeting customer). Wahahaha

I come to Bangkok so many time and I have not once gone into these kind of restaurant to eat. So, I felt happy after eating these three places. Thanks to my tour guide friend.

Of course, the golf game is good too.

We played in Alpines the first day. I heard now Alpines golf course is in legal suit case with the government. And it might closed down too. This is the golf course bought by Thaksin’s company and he invited Tiger Wood’s mommy (Thai) to come and bring along his son to play there.

It is a very matured course. The trees are tall and lots of leaves.

The golf buddies.

Almost every hole has a water feature with mirror effect.

Very nice course. Not cheap course too. 5500 bhat per head (International).

The other course we played is The Royal Gems. The back nine holes are Augustine copies. The front nine hole are famous holes in the world.

I think this is hole #11 which is a copy of Bayhill hole #6.

This is TPG Sawgrass hole #3 (island hole). I one-on three-putts boogie this hole. Very nice to play. You can check out the green, is highest slope in the middle and slope down to both sides.

The golf buddies.

It is really nice.

Blue sky, green grass and blue water.

But this course is a bit young. Even the coconut tree are still very small and short. Give it another 5-8 years, when the trees grows tall, it will be very very nice.

The hole with lots of bunkers.

Since my last visit. I think they received complaints from he PGA. So, now they cannot print these famous names in their holes. Hahahahaha. They only provide a piece of print out for you to see.

Oh ya… forgot to introduce Mr. Thomas Kum, who is a Singaporean who has live in Bangkok for more than 10-15 years and doing golf tour business. Both Alpines and Royal Gems course can only be booked by member or special arrangement. So, you have to go thru a golf agent to make the booking. Since he is a Chinese who live in both Singapore and Bangkok, so he knows what we like to eat, and will make his recommendation. You can call him or WhatsApp him to engage his tour planning service, but have to do it as earlier as possible. Because usually during holidays he is quite fully booked.

I am planning a family trip to Khao Yai in end of Nov. So, he will be my guide as well.

Me enjoying the golfing in Thailand. 🙂

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