Gadget Notes – KaraOK Anyone?

Date:  Dec 30, 2016

Look what I got from Sim Lim yesterday.

A KaraOK mic.


It is selling at $39.90 for one set, and $70 for 2 sets.  Comes in Gold, Black and Rose Gold.


Fit nice in your hand.

MIC volume button.  Got the TV volume button too.

It is bluetooth.

So, instead of it jam the music out from your super loud Hi-Fi.  This one using bluetooth to play the music onto the speaker on this Mic.

So, you heard it very loud, because you are holding the speaker.

So, you can enjoy singing all night long without worrying if it is too loud for your neighbour.

After you add in the Remix, wow, the echo makes it so impressive.


You can even record it own.

I have no idea what does that “Selfie” does.


It said here, works only on IOS, Android 4.2.2, etc.

I pair it with my Xiaomi Mibox 3 Pro.  (its Android).  And it works.  “WS-858” is the pairing name.


Wow.  Not sure what are these do.  But I am sure it is for some complicated function where Chinese always wanted to implement everything in one box.  hahahaha

IMG_2583 2.jpg

It works with most of the KaraOK apps I have.

But unfortunately, all these apps does not have good CDN, so need to directly stream from China.  So, depending on your home network.  But some Apps does allow you to download the KaraOK videos.


You can try those.  (not this one I am showing).


Let’s give it a try ya.

Please excuse my lousy voice.  I am trying to give a realistic demo.  whahahahaha

I put it to maximum loudness.  And 75% remix.  So if you are the one holding the Mic, it is actually pretty good surround sound.  hahahahahaha

OK.  I am totally impressed.

They should sell this in the world.  Attack the US market too.

Very very good!


I say “Get it”.  You can buy one and test test.  I have not tested running two yet.  So, I guess, I will go back to Sim Lim and buy another one just to try it out.  hahaha


  1.  It is handy.
  2. No complicated setup.  Only pairing the bluetooth.
  3. It is “surround sound” around surrounding you only.  So, means, it is not too loud.  So, you can karaOK all night long without worry of disturbing others.
  4. It works with Xiaomi MiBox and I am sure it will work with iPhone and Android phones as long you meet the requirement.
  5. It is cheap if comparing to buying a real KaraOK mixer machine.


Err… so far no complaint yet.



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