AU Trip 5 – It’s All About Kangaroos

Date:  Dec 13, 2016

You can only see Kangaroos, lots of them, in Australia.

This is very true.

First Sighting – Melbourne Zoo

Of course, not like this.  These are the kangaroos in Melbourne Zoo at 3pm.  They all are like very lazy.  hahaha


Second Sighting – Curringa Farm

At Curringa Farm, they kept a large wild life preserve area.  The animals in here are living in a wild forrest.  Only the owner, Tim, can bring us in and try to see these wild life.

A wild Kangaroo has appeared.

Another Wild Kangaroo appeared.  And run away.

The kids journey was exciting.  This is probably the first time they enter a forrest and see wild life.  And this is the impression of Kangaroo so far.  Either they are sleeping in the zoo.  Or they live happily in the wild life, a real forrest and untouchable.

Third Sighting – Freycinet National Park Car Park

As we just said.  The kids saw the kangaroo at the zoo, and at Curringa Farm.  Untouchable.

Then, we we came back from a tiring hike, just behind our car.

We saw one.  Its a small Kangaroo.  Called Wallaby.

It is still in National Park.  But these Wallaby or small Kangaroo are wandering around.

Some one threw the plastic of water melon on the ground, and Wallaby pick it up and tear open the plastic bag and trying to eat the melon.  So sad.


The kids now getting very excited…

Because they are touching the Wallaby for the first time in their life.

The kids felt amazed.  And they want to stay with the Wallaby.

Come on.  Let’s go.  Kia kia kia…

As you can expected, the kids don’t want to go.

And see how Kay Kay hug the Wallaby.  Cute.

Mission Accomplished.  One of our aim to come to Australia is see Kangaroo/Wallaby.


Fourth Sighting – Edge By the Bay Apartment

Then it appeared around the drive way of the place we stay.


Another few wallaby appeared.  Very friendly.


So we feed the Wallaby apple.


Let’s feed more apples.

Fifth Sighting – East Coast Nature World @ Bicheno

While driving from Freycinet national park towards Devenport.  We found a wild life park by the seaside.  This nature world is very interesting.  They actually rescue all these animal from nearly death (i.e. road kills) and heal them, and if they are not ready to go back to the wild life, they will stay in this Nature World (sort of like zoo).

As you can guess, on the last day in Tasmania, we saw Kangaroos and Wallabies again.


And they saw the one carrying small kangaroo in their pouch.  So many of them.

Baby kangaroo inside mommy pouch.


Feeding time.


Each kids has a packet of food.


Kids really love the wallabies.


The kids love it!

That ends the story of my kids encounter with Kangaroo.  They love it!

Now, there are a lot of other animals in Australia too.  You think both Jay and Kay will stop there?  Only see the Kangaroo?


They see sheep…

They ride pony.

They milk cow.  Kay Kay, you have no skill at all.

Look at how Jay does it.

They touch the duck.

They touch the chicken.

They hold the chicken.

They play with the rabbit.

More rabbit playing…

They feed the duck.

How many kids can catch a grown up duck???

And of course I am so proud of my two kids.  The city kids who has the hands and heart of farm kids.  (Luke Skywalker is a farm boy too when he is young).

See both Jay and Kay caught themselves a duck.  (Even daddy do not have the courage to do it)

Nope!  You all cannot have ducks as pets.


Jay can attract buffalo too.  Look at the tongue.  Eeeweeeu…

OK.  Don’t try to catch the hens.


So, overall, they have a very happy trip.  Not only they saw the kangaroos, they also touch and carry a lot a lot of others animals.


Exposing kids to farm life is something we wanted our kids to learn.  They should not be afraid of animals.  (those not dangerous one).

They should learn about their life and how to preserve them.

Although they live in the city, these two boys can be farm boys too.  Because they willing to dirty their hands and touch these animals with a big heart.  Farm boys.. hmmm… Luke Skywalker.. hahahaha

In future, who knows, we might depend on these wild life and farm life to survive.

More blogs about AU Trip coming soon.  Whenever I got the time to write those stories of our vacation.


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