Training – Nafa 1.6km Run

Date:  May 14, 2016

Being in school is a great thing.  Kids not only learn a lot of things from school, they also pick up a lot of things from school.

For ages, I have been trying to get Jay to run, failed.  He simply not a running person.

Running or sprinting is a life skill.  Just like swimming.

So, when the school has a Nafa 1.6km test coming up, then, Jay come to me, asked me to bring him to sunset way to clock his run.  I was like, running, sure!!!

The reason is, teacher in school told him that at Sunset Way there are “markers” on the ground to indicate how far you have walk or run.

So, “teachers say students do”.  That is what so great about school!

Instead of Sunset Way, I bring him to Clementi stadium.  This is our first time set foot in a stadium.  And he learn 2 things…

  1. One round is 400 meter if you run in the inner circle.
  2. From the spot light to another spot light the distance is roughly 100 meter.
  3. Always thing of “reaching” the next spot light.  Don’t think about 1600 meter.


As usual, kids is like this.  First lap run fast fast.

Then, in the middle laps, they start to slow down and walk.


Hang in there Jay.


And he finished the 4 laps.

Looks very very tired.

I join in the 2nd and last lap.  Teaching him

Breathing, spotting shorter target.

Focus.  Sprint walking.  Not just walking but sprint walk.

And so on.


As long as he made it under 4 minutes per lap, he will pass the Nafa test.  hahahaha

So, have faith in the school teachers.  They will know what to do for our children best.


In coming June, he is ready for his school trip.



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