Home Made Bread Recipe

Date:  May 6, 2015

In one of the blog entry, I show you the very simply way of making home made bread.

Bread Making Machine:  (click herehttp://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2015/04/bread-making-machine.html

Let’s talk more about home made bread.

 IMG 1911

It is usually very healthy.  As you know better what ingredients you put inside.

Look at this bread.  This bread consist of spinach and cheese.

IMG 1909

The little dried green dots are the spinach.  The yellowish strips are the cheese.

Very tasty and delicious.

IMG 1912

This is another kind of veggie bread.

So, why it is so important to us?  Because Kay Kay don’t like to eat veggies.  So, we have to tell him that this is “Seaweed” bread.  He loves seaweed.  And he eats it every day.

IMG 2043

It is delicious.  And guaranteed no preservatives or additives or other chemicals.

IMG 2045

This is the recipe.

IMG 2046

You can place all kinds of fruits in there.  This is the raisin bread.

IMG 0138

Looks great and taste very good with ham and avocado.

IMG 0141

Where do I get all these recipe?

Buy it from bookstores lah!

This one is specially using veggies and fruits as ingredients.

IMG 2064

Not too expensive.  I bought it just last week as member has 20% off.

IMG 2065

This is the table of content page.  Basically you can make bread with spinach, veggie, corn, gobou, beans, mushroom, sweet potato, potato, red capsicum, cauliflower, and so on. 

IMG 2066

There are a lot more bread they will teach you to make.

IMG 2067

Every day you can make different kind of home made bread.

IMG 2068

It is great book to have.

IMG 2069

This is the spinach bread recipe.

IMG 2070

This is the mushroom bread recipe.

IMG 2071

Mushroom bread looks like this.

IMG 2072

How about a red capsicum bread.  Have you seen this sort of bread before?

IMG 2073

This is another book you can get.

IMG 2138

It is also from Kinokuniya.  And I got it for 20% lesser.

IMG 2139

This is the sample page from this book.

IMG 2140

The different kind of bread you can make from the first book.

IMG 2141

Another Table of Content.

IMG 2142

This is a third book.

IMG 2143

This is the table of content for that book.

IMG 2144

This one is interesting.  They add rice into the bread.

IMG 2145

See, they make bread using rice + flour.

IMG 2146


IMG 2147

Eating home made bread will make you healthier.

Your body has lesser addictive and preservatives.

Your kids will eat it as it is tasty without knowing there are so much veggies inside.  (you can lie to them, say it is a seaweed bread)

You can try and make all kinds of bread.

IMG 2148

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