River Safari Boo!

Date:  Oct 29, 2016

Note:  Sorry, mistakes… It is until 30 Oct.  That means, Oct 30 Sunday is the only day left to get hold of Mermaid photos ya!!! 

The next two days, if you got a chance, you can bring your kids to River Safari’s Safari Boo night show.

It is only available from 28-30 October.  It is kind of fun!


Our friends bought the tickets online for us.  Please go to their web site to book tickets.

It started at 6:30pm.  So, by the time we came out from Dinner (at Tea House), the queue to go in has reach the zoo next door.

Tonight’s weather is fantastic, because of the rain in the afternoon.  It is kinda cooling.  Not so humid.

_DSF9233 2.jpg

Remember, the main show is the “Mermaid” show which is shown 7:45pm, 8:45pm and I think 9:45pm.

There will be a lot of queues.  This is for kids to get free sweets treat’or’trick, free ice-cream, take photos with the Alien characters, art workshops, etc etc.  Even have free vitagen.

Long queues.

We told the kids, our main objective is to see the Mermaids, so, we don’t queue for these freebies.


Of course, since you are at the River Safari, you can see all kinds of fishes, etc.


The carved the pumpkin inside the river, which is nice.


That is one huge crocodile!!!


Even the salamander looks scary.


Lots of fishes.


oh ya!  Don’t forget to bring your good camera too.

The night scene is quite nice indeed!

_DSF9302 2.jpg

No need try-pod, with steady hand, you can get some nice photos.


This is the one I like the most, shot with some dynamic colour filter.

_DSF9323 2.jpg

It is an alien world.  So, if the queue is short, please take photos with the Aliens.

_DSF9305 2.jpg

Space man.


One Eye Sea Angel.


Butter Free?

And finally, the mermaid.

Two mermaids and clash together?

Two mermaids fighting?

They really can hold their breathe a long time under the water.

All these mermaid shots and videos are taken from the tank display downstairs.  If you go there earlier, you can grab a seat.

Btw, I think BBC has done a research documentary on Mermaid.  So I think Mermaid is somehow very real.  It is not a myth.  That is why these Mantese likes them a lot.


These mermaid also interact with people.

_DSF9336 2.jpg

Then, after the mermaid show, we slowly walk upstairs.

About 30 minutes later, the divers all came out to prepare for the 8:45pm show.

Hmmm… Interesting… all the divers are female.  Where are all the men?????

And here comes the Mermaids.  This is up in the upper level where you can see the water surface.  So, if you go there to watch 7:45pm show, don’t forget to stick around at the upper level for the 8:45pm show.

Mermaid is called 美人鱼 in Chinese.  Which mean, Beauty “fish”.  Wow, these mermaid are quite OK.

I think some of the kids really think that these mermaid are real!!! That is why they have to tell them “Mermaid in disguise.”  hahahaha

OK, the mermaid are getting ready to dive again.  They do not have oxygen tank so they will need to hold their breathe and dive.

OK, it show time!


This mermaid is scared of the mantes.  Not sure why?  These mantes is really friendly to them.  May be in their world (great ocean) mermaid does exist??

Dive dive dive …

OK, time to say good bye.

Bye bye…

I think the Safari Boo is quite fun!

The kids love it.  So, only two days left at the time of this posting.  So, next two days is still holidays.  Bring your kids there to have fun!

A lot of costumes there too.  It’s halloween!

Happy Halloween day!!!


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