Coney Island Got Sand Flies

Date:  Oct 14, 2015

Coney island is open!

IMG 1931

We drove to Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 and park the car along side.

I am very sure there are almost hard to find car park at Punggol Point Park or Punggol Settlement.

That is why we go to the East end to park.


There is a very big field along the right hand side of the Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 road.

And don’t play play, there are a lot of old uncle playing aeroplane here.


Don’t play play.  Their aeroplane is not a simple toy aeroplane hor.


I am guessing these uncles are ex-air force militants.


The only thing is the runway is a bit bumpy.  (There is no runway actually).


These planes really got the speed and agility.


Let’s move on!


After 10 minutes walk, we finally reach Coney island East Entrance.


There isn’t a lot of flowers growing yet.  But there are a lot of grass, and trees.

IMG 1952

The Lantana clusters.

IMG 1964

Different types of Lantana.

IMG 1968

Hey, how you know the names?  Well, NParks place a lot of signs there.

IMG 1966

Not sure what are these.

IMG 1960

Some plants we never seen before.

IMG 1972

A lot of such signs.

IMG 1974

We finally reach the beach.  2KM long beach.

IMG 1976

Here is how the beach looks like.

IMG 1979

Really make sure make sure you apply insects repellant on your kids hands and legs.

The kids are playing.

IMG 1982

Its a nice walk on the beach.

IMG 1986

The kids jumped on the beach.

IMG 1992

Jump high.

IMG 2002

We covered half of the island, and turned back.  The sky getting dark.

So, we went to Punggol Settlement to eat.

It is amazing that Punggol Settlement is only on the west side of the island.  But it takes 20 minutes to drive there.  Making U-Turn at TPE, and then, exit punggol there are a huge traffic jam before the traffic lights.

When we reach Punggol settlement, so many people.  No car park spaces too.  So, something to keep in mind.  Weekends!

IMG 2005

After the trip, 2 days later.  I start to have rashes.  I got 6 bites on my legs.  

My wife one is every worst.  She has to see doctor to get some anti-hesimine to cut the itchiness.

When they bite you, you won’t feel it.  The sand flies I think are on the island.  The kids are ok as they are applied with insects repellant.

My friends family is ok too as they used insects repellant.

So, don’t be “Gek Khiang”.  Please remember to apply before you go.  Those sticker one might not work.  I think you have to apply oily oily insect repellants lor.

It is really bad.  and when you scratch, you see blood.  And it will spread.  So, not easy to tackle with the sand flies problem,

IMG 2041

It is a fun day after all.

Good to visit … not too much thing to see.  But you want to walk on the beach this is the place to go.

Please remember to apply insect repellant.

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