Jay Jay’s New Golf Swing

Date:  Oct 21, 2015

Today, Jay jay has learned how to turn the hip.  And his swing is just so good that I enjoyed watching the video over and over and over and over again.

I can’t even learn so fast like him.

Yeah I know I know is exam period coming soon, but could help it.  As long as he has school off day, I will try sent him to practise.  HaHaHa…

Well done Jay!

IMG 2398

Here are some of the golf swing highlights in slow-mo.  

I love to take the slow mo so that you can see how he carried the golf club up, got chicken wings or not, and how his hip turned and how he hit the ball and follow thru in a perfect camera posture.  Well done Jay.

A bit overswing at the back.  But this is a very good shot.  It is 160m, rolling a further 10 meter may be.  And I am sure he Jay Jay has out driven his mum with this shot.  hahaha

No over swing, and the hip turn is good.  And the hit is powerful for the 9 year old boy.

This is not the slow mo.  And look at his hitting, with more practise I am sure he got the chance to compete against the P5 & P6 in his class.  🙂

Hopefully this coming Sunday, the haze is gone, and they can proceed with the Monthly Competition on the 9-hole game.  But because he just changed his swing, he might need the hang of getting knowing about his distance.  He no longer can use the Driver for some holes.  His 7-Iron can reach 100 meter too with this swing.

IMG 2330

Good Luck Jay Jay!

IMG 2358

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