Hardy Boys

Date:  July 27, 2015

Wow… that was how many years ago that I last heard of Hardy Boys.  

Hardy boys and Nancy Drew story books were the reading books of our time.  And these characters were created back in 1920’s.

I don’t recall that I saw any of these books in Singapore book stores.

I actually bought a few online books then, order the hard copy from Amazon.

The Hardy Boys Secret Files.  Was created in 2010.  

It tells the story of Hardy Boys, Frank Hardy & Joe Hardy when they are very young.  

And I think this is very suitable for the kids.

IMG 6946

I have been reading the Hardy Boys to my boys and they love it.

IMG 6948

Let me tell you why I like the books.

I have two boys.

It is a story about two boys.

Similar age or younger than my two boys.

And these two boys solve mysteries.

The wording is big.

And it does not have those “colourful” zigzag words such as Geronimo Stilton (which I don’t really like).

The English is correct for their grade.

IMG 7062

I have read two books for the kids.

And we have solved two mysteries.

And the method of solving mysteries is simple.

You got to ask the six W’s.







When they solve the mysteries, they will go to their three house to brain storm.

They will write on the board or a piece of paper…

of the six W’s.

IMG 7063

You got to ask these questions, in order to find out the truth.

You got to ask these questions, in order to write what you wish to write.

So, it helps in compo too.

IMG 7064

Only when you answers all the six W’s then, you can get your answers.

IMG 7065

So, at night, I will read to them the story.

And I also buy a few hard copies for Jay to bring to school to read it.

Often, we will discuss on the cases, and hopefully my boys will have a logical mind after reading these books.

So, when they grew up, hopefully they will continue to read Hardy Boys to solve the murder, and bigger case. 

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