Artichoke @ Casse Croute

Date:  Jul 27, 2015

My In-laws were in town last week.  So, I brought them downstairs for french food. 

These are the artichokes from France. 

IMG 6753

And this is our dish.  Chef Patrick steam the artichoke.  And present it on the plate like this.

This is after steaming it for close to 1-hour I believe.  Of course, we called and ask him to steam it before we arrive. 

IMG 6709

Of course, he showed us how to eat it.

IMG 6710

So, you peel one leaf by one leaf out from the Artichoke.

IMG 6711

And you only eat the bottom part.  It kind of taste like those sweet potato texture.  

So, what you do, is to put this in your mouth, use your teeth and push the “meat” into your mouth.

That is the the only part that is edible.

IMG 6719

My father in law seems happy eating this.  He had never eaten this before.  Neither do us.

IMG 6714

After you peeled, it looks like this at the bottom.

IMG 6722

Patrick said call him when we finished all the leaf out side.  


Patrick came out, bring this piece of left over artichoke into the kitchen.

IMG 6724

Blink blink!

5-minutes later.

He brought this out.  He peeled the flowers, and decorate nicely onto the plate, and there are more stuff to eat.  This is the second course followed after we eaten the leaves.

IMG 6732

You can lift up the top part.  And there you go.  More stuff to eat.

IMG 6745

Now French chef also do like Chinese chefs, decorate their dish like a lotus flower.  hahahaha

IMG 6740

Very nicely presented.

IMG 6742

You can’t eat the flower thou…

IMG 6747

Of course, we eat other food.  The smoke herrings is nice.

IMG 6704

The kids always love his creamy mushroom pasta.

IMG 6725

Teo Chew style cold dish – the pig head meat.

IMG 6736


IMG 6748


IMG 6751

Nice wine too… $48 wine.  Good value.

IMG 6707

This is where I eat.  Just downstairs at the club house.


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