Daddy Vs. Kid Ping Ping Rules

Date:  Mar 7, 2014

Every Friday, there is always a chance for the kids to play table tennis.  Before & after Jay Jay went to the tennis class.

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Some how, Mr. Kay loves to play table tennis.  And he actually pick up well too.

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So, I invent and refine the Table Tennis Rules as below so to make the game more tun and competitive for Kay Kay to mach with Daddy.

Daddy Vs. Kid Ping Pong Rules

1.  Each game is 21 points.

2.  You can play many games.  It’s fun!

3.  The kid always get to serve the ping pong ball.  Adult cannot serve.

4.  When kid serve the ping pong ball, they can serve to the left or right of the opposite table.  As long their ball goes over the net, and touches the other side of the table, then, the kid win 1 point.

5.  Daddy has to return the ball back to the kid playing side in order not to lose another 1 point.  If daddy failed to return the ball, then, daddy lose another 1 point.  

6.  If daddy successfully return the ball, as long as the kid can touch the ball with his ping ping bat, regardless of whether the return ball is nice or not, he will score another 1 point.

7.  If the return ball goes into daddy’s side of the table, then, kid score extra 2 point for returning a good ball.  This is in addition to the fact that he already score 1 point for touching the ball.

8.  And so on.

9.  If the kid serve the ball badly, either into the net or not touching the table, then, daddy will get 1 point.  Yeah!

So today, when we play, Kay Kay lost the first game 13-21 to daddy.  This is because he did not bounce the ball once before serving.  He always serve the ball from the air, and of course, as a beginner, he cannot control the strength.  

So, I teach him to bounce once before he hits the ball.

So, the second game, he crashed daddy with 21-11.  As you can see, in this game, he made 11 mistakes.

The night went on, and he crashed again 21-8.  As you can see, he makes lesser mistakes as his serve is steady.

The last game, Kay Kay beat daddy 21-5.  And He scores 10 points straight for returning 3 times to me in one rally.  Well done Kay Kay!

So, from now till Kay Kay can handle ball easily, we will make use of this game rule to play ping pong.

Always make him happy.  Incentives him for learning and performing well.  

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Of course, Jay Jay did not have so much fun as he has to go for tennis course.  But he also get to play.

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