Kay Kay Swimming Lesson – Progress Report

Date:  Mar 7, 2014

Recovery from aqua phobia to not afraid of swimming is a long, scary process and must have lots of patience with the kid.  As long as you do not GIVE UP, there is always a chance that your kid will conquer water one day.

Few months ago, Kay Kay was having lots of problems with swimming.  I think because of the initial decision of not letting him wear a goggles to learn swimming has develop the aqua phobia.  He really scared of water most of the time a few months ago.  Sorry Kay Kay, it is Daddy’s mistake for scaring you.

But today, I am happy.  Together, the coach and the parents has put in a lot of patience and efforts to encourage this young one to swim.  

IMG 0959

And let’s see his results!

Wow!  Only 2-3 weeks time, he not only conquer water, not afraid of swimming, and he can take deep breathe already.  Well done Kay Kay!

IMG 0936

But if you notice, he only uses one hand to swim.  Hmmm… it’s that correct?

Well, wait for him to be more comfortable, coach Soh then taught him to swim with two hands.

But the most happy thing to see him not afraid of water.

Now, this time, after coaching, he is able to do two hands swimming.  Take a look! 

GOOD JOB Kay Kay!  Steady la!

Let’s take a look again from another angle.  Good Job Kay Kay!

Next will be how to change breathe … I guess it will take some time for that to happen.

But we are very happy already!  Good Job Kay Kay!

For coming back from aqua phobia stage.  Yeah!

IMG 0971

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