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Date:  Apr 26, 2015

I would love that my kids are good in their Chinese Mandarin.

That is why you can see that I have been doing a lot a lot of special projects and experiment on Jay Jay.

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One thing I found it very useful is to make use of the flash card.  The old fashion way.  

Every day, if it is not raining, I would walk about 4KM with him after dinner, and I will bring out the flash cards to ask him to remember the Chinese characters and how to write it.

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Jay Jay has changed a new home tutor for his Chinese tuition.  The previous one has to go back to school and work and therefore, cannot have time to teach Jay Jay.

So, I went to Ace Tutor and get him another home tutor.

This home tutor is somewhat unique.  He does not wants Jay to do any assessment book or test paper.  The first few class is just asking him to read the text book.  And the way how he does it, is to record down his own voice and the “correct” pronunciation of reading the text for Jay and he asked Jay to listen to it every day.

So, after 2 weeks, I can see that Jay is more comfortable in his text book chinese characters, etc.  

Jay has a Chinese Oral test coming soon.  So, I decided to record some of the exercise passage and ask him to listen and learn the words and how to read passage.

IMG 1455

I used this book.

IMG 1535

It is actually a recommendation supplementary book from the previous tutor.

It is suitable for P3 and P4.

IMG 1536

Inside the book, there are about 15 passage to read.

IMG 1537

So, I am asking Jay to first read once the paragraph.  circle the words that he does not know.

And then, write down the Han Yu Pin Yin on those words.

IMG 1538

Then, I will read it and record it using his iPhone.

IMG 0002


Here is the sample audio files.  Click it (via Google Share).



I am asking him to listen to this few times a day.  And after a few times of practice, I can see quite a significant improvement on his Chinese speaking and he knows more Chinese words.

And the tutor Mr. Chung is correct.  There is not much grammar for Chinese.  The key thing is to be able to know more Chinese characters and words and know how and where to use them. 

IMG 1539

So, I am asking Jay to read more and more paragraph by listening to how I would read it.

I think this method is actually quite good and it builds on the basis that the more you read the more you will get familiar with the text paragraphs and soon or later, you will know how to write it.

IMG 1540

Jay felt that it is quite useful too.  And he himself also found that it helps in correcting some of his pronunciations too.

IMG 1456

MOE’s 学乐 website also have some reading passage.  Which we found it useful too. (Need Flash).

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