Friday Playdates Night

Date:  Apr 27, 2015

I love my kids to have memorable childhood.

I love my kids to have good childhood friends to hang out with.

In our modern society, that does not come so easily.  

We the parents must make it happen.

We the parents must try our best to make it happen.

Not only we need to come out with activities that will interest the kids.


IMG 1331

We must make them do things together.

IMG 1332

We must make them felt proud of their own creations.

IMG 1346

They will feel good about themselves.

IMG 1347

They will feel more confident about themselves.

IMG 1339

It is not exactly very pretty, just remember, this is a product of fun, a product of enjoyment, a product of childhood.  That’s the main thing.

IMG 1407

Of course, you must have fun parents to boost this particular childhood memory. 

The key thing is to bring more fun to the kids.

IMG 1371

Some kids prefer to stand behind and take an observation seats.

IMG 1403

But if you do this every week.  They see each other every weeks.  I am very sure, one day, they will be the one down at the dance floor.  We just have to wait for that day to come.  No need to force them now, but just wait patiently.

IMG 1405

Just Dance 4 is a high intensive exercise game.  You follow the dancer and you dance.  It will make you sweat.  I am very sure in no time, we will get he mommies down at the dance floor too.  

IMG 1390

Friday is a good play date day for the kids.  No iPads, no iPhones.  Just play dates.

Can play Lego.  Build amazing things.

Can play hide and seek.  The whole house is for them to hide.

Can play board games and card games.  More brainy stuff.

And can have many different activities.

It helps to grow the kids faster, and a more healthier way.

See how happy both Kay Kay and Colette is.

IMG 1352

Of course, you need food, no problem.  There will always be food available.

IMG 1327

Healthy option?  No problem.  Got salads.

IMG 1326

It is so amazing, my boys has not been touching the iPad for almost 2 weeks.  (except for Kay Kay for the 20 minutes on Saturday).

Good for their eyes, and good for their social life.

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