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Date: Oct 4, 2012

手痒. I bought this and subscribe a 24 months plan.

This is the Wifi Router from YTL Yes 4G Internet Broadband plan in Malaysia.

It’s called the Yes huddle XS.

It is very sleek. 3 indicator lights showing power battery life, WiFi signal and the WiMAX signal.

Very thin, light and small. The battery life is 6-7 hours per charge.

So why do I buy it? Is it justify to buy this?

1. I fly into KL almost 1-2 times a month. Each stay is 3 days per time. So, I usually will enable my bridge mobile service from Singtel for 3 days each time. So, 3 days Singtel charged S$42. So every month I spent S$84 at least for my data roaming needs.

Buying the WiFi router is not expensive. Only MYR$80. Plus registration and deposit, I fork out MYR$230 – which is about S$93 only.

2. The plan I subscribed to is Surf 48, which means you pay only MYR$48 per month. Which converts to S$19/month.

I save $82-$19=S$63 per month for the company.

3). I checked the coverage, it covers my in law, the highway (use map), etc. so when I go back to my in law’s home, I got Internet.

4) With Surf 48, I get 2.5GB I throttled speed. In Singapore on average I used less than 2GB data when I am outside.

5) if I used more than 2.5GB that month, then they will start throttle the speed. But I still get Internet but at a slow speed. Whenever I need more speed I just buy the Speed Booster, I can immediately lift the throttling. That cost MYR$20 (about S$8) and it will last for 30 days.

6) the only draw back is it does not last for whole day. But hey, I am bringing my 120,000mAh battery along.

7) it can connect to 4 different devices too.

8) if the hotel Internet sucks, I got this as backup provided it is covered.

So, you see, I think I made a right choice.

Here is a cool trick. You can login to and select shutdown without touching the device.

And you can save this cool feature/web site onto your iPhone desktop.

Give it a name.

And it will show up as a icon under your home screen desktop.

It comes with a soft phone too. Called YesLife.

And my phone is +6018-65-9797-1. I can recieve call even I am in Singapore.

And I can receive SMS too!

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  1. Good strategy to use Yes abroad.
    If you are low usage, subscribe to the RM25 1GB to keep the account active, if you got device. Anyway, i got the 68 plan.

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