IOS6 – FaceTime over 3G

Date: Oct 4, 2012

FaceTime over 3G is the major feature upgrade from Apple. So imagine when you and your friend are oversea and you have access to 3G data.

Communicating using FaceTime via 3G sometimes can be very choppy because of the SLA for the 3G data cannot be guaranteed.

Sometimes FaceTime will black out because they defected lousy data network connection.

But you simply want to take advantage of 3G VoIP and there is no way to turn that video off.

So here is a quick fix. Use your case back cover to cover the camera by switch it to rear camera and cover it.

Or simply use your finger to cover it. So by doing so, the FaceTime VOIP call will be excellent. Because there is no movement in your video and this the data sent a cross is purely voice over the congested 3G.

This is one way you can save money. 🙂

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