iCloud Tabs – How to Use it?

Date:  Oct 1, 2012

Here is the scenario…

OK… Terrence sent me a WhatsApp on my iPhone 5.

IMG 0539

I click on the link, and try to look at the website… Well, it is still small to view it on the iPhone 5.

IMG 0541

So, I walked back to my iMac… Go to my Safari… Click on the CLOUD icon on the 

Screen Shot 2012 10 02 at 8 03 59 AM

It says “Show iCloud Tabs”… and a menu of all your website are shown… WOW… It actually shows what I surf on my iPhone, Macbook Air (at work) and iPad3… now, I am IMPRESSED!

Screen Shot 2012 10 02 at 8 04 30 AM

A click on the link on iPhone 5.  Then, I can see and CONTINUE the web surfing where I left off.  This is a very good feature on iOS 6.

Screen Shot 2012 10 02 at 8 34 15 AM

Of course, some people won’t like this… because no privacy lor… hahahahahahahaha but I like it!

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