Kay Kay & Art Boot Camp – The Drawings So Far …

Date:  Oct 1, 2012

I love to blog about Kay Kay’s art work.  🙂  Next week, we are going to change the time slot to Sunday 10:15AM.  This is because his favourite Art teacher, Ms. Tina is teaching adult class on Saturday, and Children class on Sunday.  Since there is no Violin class on this coming Sunday, we going to enrol Jay Jay for a trial class as well (Play play have fun only!  Since Jay Jay has been asking for it….)

IMG 0445

Sep 29 – Kay Kay drew a “Ship”.  with Jay’s favourite colour being green on the window, and mine favourite colour yellow.  As for Mommy, she wanted red, so, Kay Kay painted the sea red.

IMG 0447

Ms. Tina knows patience and how to teach kids.

IMG 0087

Sep 22 – He drew a caterpillar.  Again, his and mommy’s favourite colour is red, mine is yellow, and Jay Jay’s is green.  So, we request for it, and he drew these colour on the caterpillar.  This is how you motivate a kid on drawings.  And so far, after 5 weeks, Kay Kay has been doing really well!

IMG 0082

On Sep 15, This is the first time Kay Kay wore the Art Apron.  I think he finally figure out that in order to be an artist, you must wear an apron.  HaHaHa… NO of course.  I bought him some new Thomas & Friends t-shirts, and he didn’t want to dirty it.  So, have to wear an apron.

IMG 1498

OK.  Not every teacher is OK.  So, it really depends on who is teaching.  I don’t think Kay Kay likes this teacher.  But he still drew the art.

IMG 2479

Sep 15 – It is butterfly.  

IMG 2480

Kay Kay explain to Mommy what he drew.

IMG 0867

Sep 8 – the theme is my best friend.  He drew his KOKO – Jay Jay.  Playing swing with him.

IMG 0870

As explained before, you must print out all the paintings.  And stick it on the wall.

IMG 0872

Aug 29 – This is the first day he attended Art Boot Camp, and he drew an impressive fish.  Well done for a 3 year old kid.

IMG 0642

Kay Kay attended Art Boot Camp.

IMG 0631

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