Jay Can Cook – White Radish Soup

Date:  Jun 23, 2017

I strongly believe if you give enough opportunity for the kids to practice and focus on one simple things, with enough practice, one day, he will become an expert.

Although is cooking a small little dish, but it will definitely improve the chopping skill.


  1.  You need pork bones and pork spare ribs.  Cut it into cubes.

2. Like what Steven Chow always say, talk to your ingredients.  Massage them well.  Wash them clean.  hahaha

3.  Take a medium size pot.  Put 3/4 water in.  Put all the meat in there.

4.  You need a white radish.  Chop it.


Not easy for a kid to handle it.  Because the uncook white radish is a bit hard.  But he accomplished the task.

5.  [Advertising Time] You see these “kitchen waste”.  Normally, you will throw them to the dustbin.  But if you have a Aquaponic systems at home, you can plant it.  And let it continue to grow.  (Don’t know will it work on radish or not???)



6.  Ah.. Almost forgot, he has to peel the skin off the radish.  Quite skilful.

7.  Cut the radish into cubes.

8.  Wash the radish and put the radish in together with the pork ribs.

9.  Now, the dried cutter fish and the gooseberries.  Hmm,… now I know who has been wasting my gooseberries.  hahahaha put so much.

10.   Now, the important step.  The secret sauce.  Hahaha… This is the sauce we bought from Isetan Westgate.  There is usually used with the seafood and the cabbages and steam boat.  But because it taste so good, you put a bit here.  And you do not need to put any salt in later.  hahaha

11.  Let’s cook it.  OK.  We used Amway iCook pots.  So, if you are familiar with the iCook series, you can actually cook anything, even soup or instant noodles from “cold”.  Means, you don’t need to boil the water and it will do magic and cook you very delicious meal.  It is magic.  hahaha I have been using that cookware for many many years.  Now, my apprentice will inherit it and use it.

Open fire!  开火!

12.  Soup is like this.  The longer you cook, the better.  So, big fire (大火) first, when it start boiling (Amway cover can spin easily), then you turn it into small fire (小火).  So, we go cycle for a while.  And after 2.5 hours later, our soup is ready.


Very nice.


Meat is tender and delicious.  The radish is soft and just nice.  And the soup is very nice and drink it hot.  Another successful job.  Thanks Jay!


Last week, during father’s day, he also cook another soup.  Old Cucumber Soup.


I told him today, daddy teach Jay Jay to cook so that Jay Jay can easily find girl friend next time.  Hahaha… The Old Cucumber is nice too!







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