Jay’s Young Adult Bicycle

Date:  Jun 24, 2017

OK.  The salesman at the Trek explain to me why I need to get a young adult bike for Jay Jay.  This is why.  Children bike is up to 24″ wheel size.  And that is for height between 4-5 feet.  Jay Jay is almost 5 feet tall, so, he is ready to use adult bikes.  If I buy a children bike for him, then, after 1 year at most I will need to change again.  So, let’s move him up.


Kay Kay’s Islabike Beinn 20 is just fine.  It can suit him until 132cm.  He is now 121cm.  Still got a long way to go.


This is Jay’s bike.  Very big wheel.  15″ frame height.  Wow.  He looks small on this bike.


He certainly is happy about his new bike.  My wife wanted him to take the foldable bikes, but I told my wife, 1) we need to custom fit a bike for him.  2) foldable bikes are for older folks, like us (me and wife).  3) foldable bikes are for cycling from point A to point B.  Commuting use.  4) we got to let the Bike choose Jay.  (yeah!  the bike chosen him).

And it can fit into our car when take out the front wheel.


After riding it for a while, we are all ready to go out to the PCN again.  Yeah!  We are here the third straight day.  🙂  And Jay is here with his new bike.


Let’s go.  This is how life should be.  🙂

Here is our dream.

One day, we will conquer all the PCN in Singapore.

Another day, we all four of us will ride bike in our vacation.  We will ride to our destination.  Either in Japan or in Thailand.  Yeah!

Let’s dream it.




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