Green Spider

Date:  Jun 24, 2017

Look who is on the windscreen.

A spider.

A green spider.

Is it dangerous?

Where does it come from?

Is it dangerous?

It looks cute though….

Is it radioactive?  (Spiderman’s spider?)

A few hours later.  After we bought Jay’s bike, and when we returned home.  The spider did not blown away during the trip from Clementi to Bukit Merah and from Bukit Merah back to Clementi.  Cool.


This spider is getting very freaky.  And he is making spider webs.  So fast.

This spider is cute!

Seriously, does any one know what spider is this?

The front 4 legs are very long, and it seems like a the fighting hands.

This should be his fighting stance.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 8.45.59 PM.jpgOK. he walked onto a black surface.  And Jay has gotten my Macro Lens.  This is what the spider looks like with my ExoLens Macro, and I am scare of spider, like Ron Weasley.  So, I dare not to move my camera so near to it.

Wow, my wife car is really dirty.


Boon Ching!!!! Please catch it.  (using an envelop).

If you find a spider, who do you call?

Bug buster.


Hi, spidy.


You will be staying one day with us today, and tomorrow, I promise to sent you down to the pandan leaves at the garden area.


Good night!






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