emtech BioCell Charger

Date: Feb 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year. Wish every one has a very prosperous Snake year!

I woke up in the morning. And saw this machine that my wife bought for the in-laws.

So I decided to give it a try.

This is a Singapore brand I think. Or at least a brand that market by Singaporean.

It is a BioCell Charger. Not sure what does it mean. So I did it for 30 minutes. And all I feel is the heat came from the plate.

Technology: high voltage, ultra long magnetic wave, infrared, and heat energy. They used these four technology to provide the health care.

High voltage therapy is to balance the blood so that it is not too acidic. Acidic blood is the root of illness.

The magnetic therapy will increase blood circulations and improve health. This is to ease any pain.

The heat therapy to also improve the blood circulation and 打通经脉.

The infrared will improve the metabolism.

I initially thought it is for old people. It seems that young people also can use.

The way of use it simply put your leg on top of it for half and hour or so.

Or you can just put those pain parts like joint, hand, finger, back or so over it. Cool.

Disclaimers: some initial side effects will happen. But it is said to be normal.

More side effect. Don’t be scare. It is a Renew process.

So, my mom actually highly recommended it. Emtech open a few stores in HDB heartlands. So old folks can spent less than $5 for a half hour treatment by going to these emtech centre.

My brother in law also recommends it. That is why my wife bought it originally for her high age ah-mah. As old folks tends to have walking problem when they gets older.

I still have not feel anything yet after 30min. Thirsty is normal. And I guess my body is quite healthy that is why lesser side effect shown.

My wife always complaint about sleeping problem and back ache problem. I think my home soon will have one of these too. Haha

She bought a second hand one.

Here is the introduction of what it is.

As for me, I will do these a few time and see how good it improve my body, especially after a golf game.

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  1. Hi Ken, just wondering if you have actually found any benefits after using this for a year? My sister is looking at buying one for my mother but i have looked at the product brochure and found no scientific evidence to support their claims.

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