Where Does Our Day To Day Chicken Comes From?

Date: Feb 9, 2013

This post may be disturbing. But it’s for city kids who never seen a chicken processing centre.

Wow. Live chicken RM6.10, dead chicken RM6.60. So the cost of killing a chicken is RM0.50. This is very cheap labour with lots of hard work.

Choose your chicken here.

This Chicken looks nice. It’s mostly Kampong Chicken or meat chicken.

The chicken then got sent to the back for praying and the man use a knife to lightly cut the throat. Yes, this is a halal chicken processing centre.

Then another man put them into two different boiling pot to quickly peel off the feathers using hot water. And then quickly rinse and clean it.

Lots of chickens. The ladies here will do the final processing of separating the intestines and if necessary chop legs chop head and so on.

A cat stole the chicken head.

This is also my first time seeing such a factory. Cool. I did not bring the kids though. Scare after they seen it, they scare of eating chicken. Haha

This is how the chicken been packed.

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