HexBug – Warriors Battling Robots

Date: Feb 9, 2013

Today the boys have a new toy.

It is a HexBug that you can attach weapons on it.

Basically comes with training mode or battle mode.

When it is in battle mode, the two bugs will fight each other. Each hit will cost the LED changed from green to orange and then red and to a complete stop.

Here are the four HexBug we have.

Blue color is Bionika.

This is the green bug.

Another version of green bug.

It’s called Viridia.

The red bug.

The red bug is called Caldera.

This is the yellow bug.

Another version of yellow bug.

They are called Tronikon.

Lets battle!

And this is Jay Jay using his yellow bug with chain saws.

Kay Kay with green bug.

Gabriel with his green bug.

Caleb with his red bug.

Lets battle!

Every one is very happy plying with it. Cooperatively.

So as the 6 bugs. By the way, weapons is interchangeable.

You can get these from Toy R Us!

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