Ping Pong

Date:  Jan 13, 2014

This is another sport that Jay Jay wanted to learn.

IMG 7651

So, whenever we got a chance to see a ping pong table, we will just grab the ping pong bat and play.

Oh ya, three against one.

IMG 7316

Jay Jay is now 8 years old (school year).  So, as he grew up, he becomes more “flexible” and his ball sense is getting better.

IMG 7305

 But what surprise me the most is this small fellow.  He just learned how to serve the ball, and I think he is doing great!  What do you think? 

So, this is how we play the game of Ping Pong at home.

1.  Three (3) to win.

2.  Youngest always get to serve the ball every time.

3.  Parent cannot always win.  Must pretend to lose.  Win some, lose more.  And must be very “real”, cannot fake fake one.

4.  Jay Vs. Kay, Kay serves and Jay return shot.  Initially, Jay Jay not managed to return the shot.  But later, when his ball sense is better, he can return Kay’s serve.

I guess Kay Kay has found something that he likes.  

So, we told him, you are too short, so must eat more veggies to grow taller.

IMG 7863

Watching the two brothers playing is fun!

IMG 7852

Watching the young one playing with the adult, is ever more fun.  

IMG 7873

That’s how we sometimes spent our free time after the dinner.


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