Cook With Ken: Coke Cola Chicken

Date:  Jan 12, 2014

Note:  Ever since I owned the iCook cookware, the process of making dishes has been simplify and the taste of the meal has been amplify.  🙂  So, if you are following how to cook these dishes, you have to use iCook cookware or anything that is equivalent technology, i.e. Vapour Seal cooking, even heat, etc etc.  Otherwise, the dish that you cook may not have the taste it should be.  🙂 

Yesterday, I had my high school reunion party.  One of the dish that I cooked is Coke Cola Chicken.

Huh?  What?  Coke Cola Chicken?  What is that?  (Browse to the bottom to see the dish).

1.  You need fresh chicken wings.  Marinate the chicken wings with a bit of soya sauce, Chinese cooking wine, white pepper, and salt.

IMG 7668

I usually use a zip lock bag to marinate the chicken.  And then, simply keep it in the fridge.  You can marinate overnight too to have good taste.

IMG 7812

2.  Chop some gingers.

IMG 7815

3.  Smash some garlic.  (4 cloves enough) 

IMG 7819

4.  You can use normal cooking oil.  For me, I have this onion oil, so, I used it.

IMG 7827

Pour a bit onto the iCook pan.  Heat the pan.

IMG 7822

5.  Place the ginger and garlic inside the pan.  Medium fire.

IMG 7823

6.  One thing about this iCook cookware is the heat is even, and fast.  So, you can see the garlic and ginger is frying.

IMG 7828

7.  OK.  Put in the chicken wings.  And cover it!

IMG 7829

8.  After a few minutes, when you can “spin” the cover.  (because of the vapour seal, you can spin the cover).  Turn the chicken over.  You can see the chicken started to turn yellow.  (because of the ginger).

IMG 7830

9.  You need half can or 1/3 can of coke.

IMG 7821

After you turn the chicken around, then, you start pouring the coke into the pan.

IMG 7831

I pour almost half a can.  As you can see, my coke does not cover the chicken.

IMG 7832

Another look.  Cook does not cover the chicken wings.  Then, you cover the cover.  Use medium fire.  Wait until you can spin the cover (about 5-8 minutes). 

IMG 7833

10.  See the vapour start to form a seal.  And there isn’t any vapour come out.  But you can spin the cover.  Then, you turn down the fire into small fire and continue to cook for another 15min.

IMG 7835

11.   It’s done.  Normally, Coke Cola chicken usually will put some starch water in there so to thicken the sauce, but I like it this way.  

IMG 7838

It smell very good. 

IMG 7839

Look at the meat.  🙂  Nice and tender.

The sauce is sweeter.  It taste very similar like 黄酒鸡.  But sweeter.

And the sweet coating is the one that makes me eat a lot.  HaHaHaHa.

IMG 7841

Nice!  I finished all my share.

IMG 7842

And my young fan says… Daddy!  Very good!  

IMG 7846

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