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Date:  Jan 11, 2014

[Updates July 20, 2014]

Here are the name card.

IMG 7698

We order some durians again… This is the Mao Shan Wang… Very nice and creamy and bitter bitter…  Yesterday the price was S$13 per KG.  Ah Hock usually will deliver only for durian orders that is > 10KG.

 IMG 7514

If will be good to ask Ah Hock to deliver earlier… because you get to choose the best one.  If it is the last delivery, of course, all the good one has been chosen.  

IMG 7517

So, yesterday, when we called Ah Hock, he said, “I am just around here, will reach your place in 10min time, then, you better say yes.  Hahaha.. almost all the durian are nice!

IMG 7513

Every one are happy to eat the durians…

IMG 7522

Even Jay Jay ate a lot yesterday.  

IMG 7525

This is another one.  Very nice.  Very creamy.

IMG 7527

[End of updates]

Good Things Must Share, right?

Share la… share la…

This is durian.

IMG 7684

This is Durian in the van.

IMG 7687

And this van that has the durians is in my home here.

IMG 7688

The guy in red shirt is Ah Hock!  And this is his number, both Singapore and Malaysia numbers.

IMG 7690

This is the durians our friends tumpang us to buy (just because I sent the Durian message to the wrong What’sApp group).

IMG 7695

And this is the durian for tonight’s first CNY party.

IMG 7697

Kay Kay will help me to take the durian.

IMG 7692

This is my Durian truck…

IMG 7691 IMG 7694

Here is Ah Hock’s name card again.  Now, he has to rush to deliver the remaining durians to a Durian party.  

We have been using him for many years.  The durian quality is good.  What do you think?  When the durian lorry came into Singapore, it stop at Woodland, and this guy gets to pick the one he wants.  And then, he deliver it to anywhere there is a durian party.

IMG 7698

I think I better cook lesser food today.  Wahahaha

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