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Date:  Jan 8, 2014

This year feng shui topic is about calendar.

That day I was shopping for my yearly Feng Shui thingy… I was given this calendar for free.

IMG 7521

It is a very traditional nice calendar.  It shows you the Bad days, and Auspicious days by big Chinese characters.

It’s quite cool!

IMG 7522

I was advised to renew my home feng shui on the Jan 10.  Which happens to be an auspicious day.  According to this calendar.

IMG 7523

But every year, I always have this Lilian Too’s calendar on my desk.  I have been following her calendars for many years.

IMG 7524

I also take a quick look.  CIAK LAT!

IMG 7525

Lilian Too’s calendar says Jan 10 is bad for everything!

IMG 7527

And according to the Lilian Too’s calendar, the best day for me to do it is TODAY… Jan 8, 2014.

Because today’s earthly branch is a RABBIT day.  Rabbit is Dog’s secret friend.  So, today is a good day.

IMG 7528

So, I happen to buy a Joey Yap’s calendar too.

IMG 7529

He too agrees that Jan 10 is good.  Jan 8 is normal.

IMG 7530

OK.  All three calendars has three different interpretations.  So, who do believe?


Your friends or your relatives or your mom may use a different calendar, and when things happen, all the opinions will be different.

So, what is your resolutions?

So, here is my views…

(Before that… you may want to read this article which I wrote a few years back)

1.)  Feng Shui is not a superstitious thingy so that you simply blindly follow.  You have to do what it makes sense to do.

2.)  We are not Feng Shui experts, so, we don’t know how to read the stars and we certainly don’t know how to determine whether today is an auspicious day or a bad day.

3.)  Best of all, there is NO right or wrong in Feng Shui.  

4.)  Feng Shui is about doing things that is make sense.  Feng Shui is about doing things that is not against your luck.  Feng Shui is about doing things that make you feel good and natural.

5.)  What you want to see from a Feng Shui calendar is what “Earthly Branch day” is it.  If I am a dog animal sign, and today is a dog day, or a rabbit, horse or tiger day, I will definitely know that today, is my good day.  So, in terms of making decisions, you can put a little bit of risk or luck in it.  If I am a dog animal sign, and today is a dragon day, well, I will lay low, avoid conflicts, and stay away from risk.  The “Earthly Branch” are fixed for all calendars.  So, that is the MAIN purpose of my Feng Shui Calendar.

6.)  To tell you the truth, I have the Feng Shui calendar on my table, but I really seldom use it.  Only when it comes a time where there is a huge decision needed to be made, and something that is bothering me, I will use it as my guide to make tough decisions.  And for so many years, I seldom look at the black and red colour icons in the calendars.

7.)  I bought the Lilian Too Calendar is because of this.  The flying stars.  

IMG 7417

With the flying stars, then, I know where to put and place my Feng Shui toys.

IMG 7414

So, once I know today is a good day, I simply wash, rinse all my old Feng Shui gadgets and sun bath it.  I just simply display all my Feng Shui gadgets at home and make yourself feel good.  You have done what it needs to be done to protect your home, to enhance your luck and power.  That is the feeling that I need to have.  When I know that is done correctly and out of the way, then, deep in your heart, there is no more obstacle.  It is that kind of self confidents that you need to enhance in order to product a nice hard work for each year.

IMG 7545

8.)  But what about Joey Yap’s one?  Why do I but it?  

I already have a Lilian Too’s calendar, and that one place at home.  So, I don’t want to buy a duplicate one to put in office.  This year, I do not have a calendar for office.  So, instead of buying a same calendar, I go for Joey Yap’s one.  And Joey Yap’s calendar will tell you every month flying stars.  Yup, every month there is a different flying star.  So, it is a good reference book.

9.)  What to do with the that big free calendar?  Just throw it away lor, if you don’t feel comfortable.

10.)  Just pick the one that makes you feel good.  🙂

OK.  9AM.  It’s time to place my Feng Shui gadgets according to this year flying stars.  

This 2014 will be a good year again!  🙂

[Not going to post so many blog entry about Feng Shui… But if you want to know what I did, just talk to me.  :)]

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