Badminton – Slowly Learning The Skills

Date:  April 26, 2013

This is the third month since Jay Jay first learned badminton.  Before attending Singapore Badminton School, he has never been exposed to badminton before, i.e. never saw badminton on TV or seeing other people playing.  

I am glad that he likes the sports and is taking it pretty seriously.

So, this week, I decided to go downstairs to play with him and train him more on badminton after dinner.  This is to help him to burn some energy after dinner and before sleep too.

IMG 1018

Today, I refine his serving.  For the past few weeks, I think the school has not started teaching the serving, so, he does not actually know how to serve properly.  So, I let him practise serving, and after 2 days of efforts, I can see improvement in serving.  Also the racquet also still a bit long for him so that a proper serve at his heights will have chances hitting the ground.  


Next, is to find him a good teacher.  Which is the “Wall”.  Mr. Wall is every where.  And Mr. Wall is a very powerful badminton teacher.  Mr. Wall will never miss any shot thrown at him, and he will return the shot to you guarantee.


So, today, he can do at most 3 return shots.  If he keep doing this, he can probably increase his ball sense, perfect his forehand and he always have a partner to play with.  hahaha


Only thru practise, then, he can play with his friends.


I think in no time in future, these 4 kids should be able to play badminton on their own during weekends.


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