Racing with Time

Date:  April 27, 2013

That is Jay Jay’s favourite iPod.  This time, it is used as a TIMER.  He use the time to keep track of his speed of solving math questions for the CMA.

IMG 1041

Two weeks ago, Jay Jay was very proud when his form teacher says he is No. 1 doing the homework at Learnlogy.Com.  The teacher make a big deal of it, and praise the students who did the online home work fast.  You know Jay Jay never got No. 1 yet.  So, this probably is the first time he is No. 1 in doing anything.  So, he feels proud of it.

Unfortunately he feels too proud and become obsess with it.  Last week, he is No. 3.  The reason is, his school bus is late, and he can never beat his classmates who’s mommy fetch them back early.  So, he can cry if he cannot access the fast, or cannot reach home fast, etc.  So, I wrote an email to the form teacher to feedback about the inappropriate of contest based on unfair starting conditions.  Not every students can make it back home fast.  So, the contest become meaningless.  I also have spent lots of time to educate my son regarding this.

So, today, he has to take the CMA grading mock up test.  Every exercise has to be completed within 3 minutes.  So, this is his first taste of a real “Test” or “Exam”… and a real test on racing with time.  So, with the help of iPod Timer, he clock his timing when doing these exercises.

He is no stranger to the word “grading”.  As his Taekwondo has grading test.

IMG 1047

So, he felt proud of finishing this particular one within 51 seconds which is far lesser than the 3 minutes needed.

IMG 1048

And he knows now what is the big deal about racing with time.  He also truly understand the “unfair” conditions for the little contest his form teacher making so big deal off.  


During student days, kids will need to learn and understand what is meant by “Test”, “Exam” and “Grading”.  And racing with time is a very good example to teach the kids regarding this.  Also, do fast does not mean that he can do correctly.  So, the concept of “do fast” and “do correctly” must come together.

I am glad my son now understand this.  Bravo Jay!

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