Jay & Piano "Happy Birthday" Song

Date:  Apr 29, 2013

Today, Jay Jay took his second Piano lesson from teacher Luanne.  He shows strong interest in learning piano.  This kid, want to learn so many things, and hope he can manage each of them.  🙂


Tomorrow is Mommy’s birthday.  So, it is just nice that he learned this song today.  Here is the 8min clip of he learning and playing the Happy Birthday song.  Mommy will be happy tomorrow if her son played this song for her. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/bWQ5HMEiI9c

 [Useful Info]

We apply for a Piano teacher from this website.  i.e. http://www.yestuition.sg 

So, they assigned Ms. Luanne Tan to teach him at home.  We have a Casio Digital Piano at home.  Her email is luannetlm@hotmail.com  

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