Taobao Fun!

Date:  April 30, 2013

Yesterday I received my latest goods from Taobao.  

IMG 1079

So, some friends asked me what I have bought?

Mainly kids stuffs…

IMG 1127

Let’s check it out…

A dominoes of Chinese words…

IMG 1080

This one is for Kay Kay.  So that he can learn the words on it.  Jay Jay also can use it, as there are Han Yu Pin Yin on it too.  It is like Chinese Vocabs.

IMG 1081

A small little sponge book for Kay Kay.

IMG 1082

This one is for Jay Jay to learn the 三字经.

IMG 1083

Kay Kay loves to read books.  So, I bought this little kitten book for him.

IMG 1084

The content actually not too bad.

IMG 1085

This is also for Kay Kay.  To let him learn more Chinese characters.

IMG 1086

I think Kay Kay can read almost 75% of the words in this books.

IMG 1087

The Bras Pasar there sell this 四五快读 but very expensive.  So, I bought 3 for Kay Kay to see whether it is useful or not.  Buying books from China is usually very cheap.

IMG 1090

This is Kay Kay’s maze book.  Not sure if he likes it or not.  So, I bought one for sampling.

IMG 1091

Not to bad.

IMG 1092

This is another activity books I bought for Kay Kay too..

IMG 1093

Lots of fun activity inside.

IMG 1094

字卡 – I also bought this for Kay Kay.  Looks like Kay Kay has lots of books and flash cards today.

IMG 1095

OK.  I like this.  Because is simple, no pictures.  Just words.

IMG 1096

China made musical books.

IMG 1098

I bought all three of them.

IMG 1122

This music books is not bad quality.

IMG 1113

This is the 汉字王.  So, it comes with lots of 部首.  And you mix and match them together.

IMG 1099

Of course this is for Jay Jay.

IMG 1101

It is pretty neat.  one thing I found missing from school teaching is to teach the students all these 部首.

IMG 1100

Some toys.

IMG 1102

Unboxing the TECLAST iPod.  What is this again?

IMG 1103

It is an 8″ Dual core 16Ghz Android 4.1  touch pad.

IMG 1104

Amy, my Taobao agent messaged me back when I wanted to place this order.  She told me that some of her customer says the quality of this product is not as good as iPad.  So, Amy scared that I may not like it.  So, I explained to her that this is for my domestic helper.  I cannot afford to buy an iPad for her, but for this, 150 bucks, it is just OK.  Last time I bought a 100 bucks touch pad for her, but the power supply burned out after using it for 7 months. hahaha  So, she is using it to Skype and facebook back to her family.  Save a lot of money too.  She also read her bible here.

IMG 1105

Same old Android interface.  Changed the systems into English, delete all the Chinese shops.  And then, enable the Play Shop for her, it is good to go.

IMG 1107

Wow, it looks like an iPad Mini but with iPad weight.

IMG 1108

The back is silver with ugly white on top.

IMG 1109

The thickness is OK.

IMG 1110

The android systems is quite smooth and quite decent.  thanks to the Dual core 1.6Ghz processor.

IMG 1112

Some beach toys that carries ELC branding.  I think it is fake.  But the quality of plastic is similar.

IMG 1116

Bought two sets of rubies with the how to solve rubiks book.

IMG 1117

I think I should be able to solve the rubiks soon.

IMG 1118

A sudoku game.

IMG 1119

A Pop N’ Drop Penguins game.

IMG 1120

A Funny Bunny game.

IMG 1121

Some soft toys.  There are another two sting ray soft toys too.

IMG 1123

Whole set of Ninjago spins.

IMG 1124

And this… a water proof iPhone cover.  This is the only product which is a disappointment.  As I see the quality, and I don’t think I want to put my iPhone in there.  hahaha

IMG 1129

So, that’s all what I bought… and 明珠老师 commented me as “shopperholic”  hahaha

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