Jay & Sudoku

Date:  May 1, 2013

Jay’s school suddenly give out a Sudoku exercise which in my opinion quite hard for their level.  They are only P1 leh!

Don’t worry.  兵来将挡,水来土掩!

Luckily, all these while, I downloaded the “Sudoku School” app for him on his iPod.  


And we also have bought a few Sudoku board game for him.  I got that feeling that the school will teach them Sudoku some day, I just did not expect it to be so fast.

IMG 1119

Another Sudoku board game we have.

IMG 1264

Doing Sudoku can be bored and dry.  

IMG 1259

But if you run a TIMER while Jay doing the sudoku, it is a different story.  After you have finished it, you write down your timing below the puzzle.  And then, you compare with your last timing and try to beat it.  

Instantly, Sudoku become lively again!  Also, for the first few exercises, you will need to see how they solve it, and then teach them the correct strategies.  There are repetitive actions needed to be done in a certain order so that you do not miss out any obvious solving steps.  

IMG 1262

And there you go, Jay Jay did the “Challenging” 4×4 Sudoku Puzzle within 2m 08s on his own.  I am proud of you Jay!

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