Low Fat Meal

Date:  Nov 3, 2013

When you are on the flight, you do not know where you going to sit, and where they starts to serve food from.  You may end up to be the last one to get your food.

So, what I did this time is when I book my flight, I also order “SPECIAL MEAL”.

As you know this last three months, I wanted to be on diet so I can pass my medical checkups early next year.  (Wahahahaha).  So, if I got a chance, then, I shall not eat “fat” food.  

One of the good thing about ordering SPECIAL MEAL on the Singapore Airlines is, you will always get your food FIRST.

The food sometimes are more delicious then the normal meal.  During my flight to Bangkok, I had quite a nice omelette cooked without too much oil, and it is quite tasty.

Below is my return flight LFML (Low Fat Meal).  By the way, they also have NO-FAT meal.  But let’s don’t get too extreme.  Low Fat is good enough.  Wahahaha.

IMG 0503

This is catered by Thai Catering Service.  It is clearly labelled Low Fat Meal.

During my trip to Bangkok, the Air Stewardess says “Hi, can I confirm you have ordered a special meal?”

During my trip back to Singapore, the Air Stewardess says “Hi, can I confirm you have ordered a LOW FAT meal?”

Hmmmm…. different standards.  Wahahahaha

IMG 0506

Let’s unbox every thing and see what is the low fat meal.

IMG 0504

Boiled carrots strips and tomato.  With a touch of lemon and lime.  

It comes with a low fat salad dressing, and I did not even bother to put it in.  It is quite tasty already as you can taste the fresh carrots sweets.

IMG 0510

A special butter, rich in Vitamin E.  So, it is not those normal fat fat butter.

IMG 0508

Boiled carrots, broccoli, and steam fish covered with smashed tomatoes.  I like it.  not much complaint at all.

IMG 0509

Here is the fish.  I think it is a local fish.  Taste quite nice.  And the veggies are as per normal.

IMG 0511

So, next time, if you want to have your meal first on the flight, order special meal.  🙂

One last thing… If you get your food fast, that means your foot will be served HOT.

sometimes, if you want for your normal meal, and it takes so long to get to you, the taste already gone cold or bad.

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