Family Photos

Date:  Nov 3, 2013

I love to take photos for my family.

From time to time, we will always look at those photos we taken in the past together with my family.

We all remember the good times we spent together.

However, I found that something is really wrong.  Most of the photos are without me.  🙂

Why?  Because I am the one taking photos.

And sometimes, we seldom bother other people to take photos for us.  And most of the time, we are alone and there is no one else taking photo for us.

Yes, we can use the blink blink timer to shoot photos.  But by the time the timer finished blink blink, your kids eyes already look somewhere else.

IMG 0690

With new technology, you can take instant family photos just as the word “instant”.  

“Jay & Kay, look at the iPhone (on a tripod) NOW!”

(and you click click click).

IMG 0718

But you will see my hand always holding a remote or the iPhone itself (for QX10 or QX100).

I can check the ViewFinder on my iPhone connecting to QX10 or QX100.  And then, 

“Kids, look at the camera NOW!”

(and I press the shutter button on my iPhone).  

IMG 0782

Now, you feel slightly complete as you are in most of the photos with the entire family.

IMG 0833

I took this on Jay Jay’s birthday meal.  That was the first time I use the Sony QX10 or QX100.

IMG 9158

How do I do that?

Buy the Muku Shuttr which is a remote shutter button for your iPhone (or Android).  

Muku Shuttr:

Or you can buy the Sony QX10 or QX100 camera lens add on to your iPhone (or Sony Android).

Sony QX10/QX100:

Both will do a fine job for you. 

Or you can use the Timer function on the traditional camera …

Or you can use the remote shutter that comes with some DSLR camera.

But remember, once you shoot the photos, always print them out into photo books so that you can always take a look at them all the time.


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