Netflix + Apple TV + YES 4G

Date: Feb 11, 2013

Oh boy! I am sure glad that I brought back my YES 4G Internet dongle.

I signed a 24 months contract. And every month it deducted my credit card RM48/month. It gives me 1G of data per month. If I exceed that, then my speed will drop to normal slow speed.

I have tested it from JB to Setiawan, we have Internet in the car most of the time.

My in law place only have China Satellite channels and normal in the air free TV channel. There is no Astro. Even they have, my sister in law were complaining that the show repeats too much!

So the Apple TV becomes very handy during Chinese New Year as it stream all the kids show using Netflix via the Internet provided by YES 4G Internet dongle.

For Apple TV don’t forget to set the DNS manually to one of these.

The kids loves it. And keep watching the huge collections of TV shows.

Now they are watching Mickey Mouse.

Surprisingly, the Internet provided by YES 4G is very stable. No buffering appears at all!

Of course I turned on the kids channel for the kids.

There are documentaries, cartoon, and so on. A lot of shows.

The Internet signal although is not so strong. Only one bar. But it is good enough for Apple TV to stream Netflix shows. With no interruptions.

The only interruptions is when my data allowance has been used up.

Simply go to their portal and buy my speed booster 3Gb for RM55.

And you are instantly top up with the 3Gb and you can enjoy the shows once again. Each cartoon shows is about 170Mb to 350Mb for and hour show.

They simply glue to the TV. Only during CNY.

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