Cook with Ken: Happy Chinese Birthday Ken – Red Wine Chicken Mi Suah with iCook

Date:  Feb 13, 2013

Today is 正月初四, it is again, my Chinese calendar birthday.  Happy Birthday to me again!

IMG 7185

Let’s use iCook to cook a birthday FuChow red wine chicken Mee Sua (寿星福州红酒面线) and experiment my favourite iCook ware.

IMG 7155

1) You need a lot of ginger slices.  If you like to eat ginger, then, you can cut the whole plate of ginger.

IMG 7153

2) You will need sesame oil.  I used the black sesame oil.  A lot of it.

IMG 7154

A lot of it.  Just keep pouring.

IMG 7159

Until you see a thick layer of sesame oil.

IMG 7160

3) Now, put in the ginger.  Yes. I have not turn on the fire yet.  Not yet.

IMG 7161

Cover it.  And start cooking until the iCook cover forms a vapour seal.  (where you can spin the cover).

IMG 7162

4) Now, we will need the chicken.  So, I am only cooking it for myself (I am the birthday boy!).  So, I just cut 2 legs, and 1 wing.

IMG 7158

5) Prepare the FuChow red wine.  You could not find this in the market, I think.  But I brew my own FuChow red wine.

IMG 7164

You will need approximate 2 cups of it.

IMG 7165

6) Now, with the fire still at middle small.  Open the cover, and place the chicken meat in and on to the boiling ginger.  By now, you should smell a very nice smell of ginger sesame smell.  That is the beauty of iCook, cooked from the cold.

IMG 7166

Pour in 2 cups of FuChow red wine.

IMG 7167

Until it covers the chicken. 

IMG 7168

7) Now, throw in some rock sugar.  Those yellow ice sugar.

IMG 7169

I like my FuChow red wine to have some sweet taste.  So, I threw in a few.

IMG 7170

8) I love to eat it with black fungus too.  

IMG 7176

Take a few, and then soak for few minutes.

IMG 7173

Then, throw it into the red wine soup.  Then, cover it, and continue to cook for about 20 minutes.  When you can spin your cover, means the meat should be fully cooked.  So, you leave it there for additional 5-10 minutes to pressurise it.  (you cannot open the cover, so simply heat up and de-pressurize it and open the cover.)

IMG 7174

9) While the chicken is still cooking.  Let’s cook the egg.  You need 2x hard boiled egg for the birthday noodle.

IMG 7172

Somehow the red hard boiled chicken egg is not so red.

IMG 7182

10)  Next, we need some Mi Suah.

IMG 7179

Somehow, I only eat the Mi Suah from Sitiawan.

IMG 7178

Boil a pot of hot water, and then, cook the Mi Suah for 4-7 minutes.

IMG 7184

11) After 25-30 minutes later.  Taste the FuChow red wine chicken soup.  

WOW!  YOY!  The taste is incredible!  The FuChow red wine still have a bit of alcohol inside, but the Chicken taste has already spread out in the red wine soup.  It is boiling hot.  and It taste really good.  I can actually feel the different.  

The main different is you do not have to add V.S.O.P or X.O liquor to enhance the FuChow red wine taste.  It is already tasting very good.

IMG 7183

OK Kids.  Say “Happy Birthday” to papa.

IMG 7188

This is my version of FuChow Red Wine Chicken Soup with Mi Suah plus two red eggs.

IMG 7186


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