My Bicycle Rack – Saris’s Bike Bunk

Date:  Feb 13, 2013

Our Park West security keep sending warning to us telling us that we could not just leave the 4 bicycles in front of our door and “almost” block the escape route.  There are 4 escape doors to the stairs.  And we leave some space for people to access the escape stairs.  But the security guards are quite baggy, you know.

So, our solution is to get this.

Screen Shot 2013 02 13 at 8 08 04 PM

Behold the glory of gravity!

– Adjustable arms move up and down to fit different size bike frames.

– Sleeves on arms hold and protect frames.

– Cushioned pads protect floors and walls.

– No permanent mounting required.

This is the Bike Bunk!  From Saris.  And it is just lean against the wall, and you can hang the two bicycles on it.  It will save 1to 2 bicycle space.  Cool.


Let’s install it.  Very easy.

IMG 7191

Put the bicycle here.

IMG 7192

First bike is up there.

IMG 7198

I put Jay Jay’s bike the second.  And then mommy’s bike just beside.  That really save 1 bike space.  And I can place Kay Kay’s bike behind at the door there.  So, by solutions is done.  Tomorrow I will hang my bike even higher.

IMG 7199

Cool!  It’s about $199.  And you can get it from Trek!

IMG 7193

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