My Putting Mattress

Date:  Feb 16, 2013

I bought a new putting mattress.

IMG 7296

To practise with my new putter.  

IMG 7289

And of course, my son Jay Jay also felt interested in learning how to putt.

IMG 7283


IMG 7284

Even Kay Kay like to watch Ko Ko putting…

IMG 7288

OK.  What so special about this putting matt?

IMG 7291

Oh… you can change the hold position.  Now, it is changed to the right.

IMG 7292

It is easy to change.  

IMG 7293

The key of playing golf is to improve your putting.  So, you will need to practice it more.  If you can drive very well, but your putting sucks, well, your game will sucks too.  hahaha This year I aim to improve my golf game.  

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