Badminton Diary: Lesson #3

Date:  Feb 16, 2013

Today is Saturday.  So, Jay Jay has his usual badminton lesson from Singapore Badminton School at Nan Hua Primary School.  I have changed his timing to 11am.  Where there are fewer students in this time slot.  I think the student to coach ratio is very important.  Today, we have 4 coaches teaching the kids.  This is Jay Jay new badminton outfit and pants.

IMG 7302

The coach spent more time when the class size is smaller.  Unlike the 9am slot, usually has more than 10 students.  By committing to this time slot, Jay Jay can only have Saturday afternoon free now.  But this is chosen by him, and had nothing to do with me.  hahaha

IMG 7308

This week, they teach forehand.  As you can see in the video, Jay Jay is learning to hit forehand.  Did not have much success though…


Today, there are two coaches teaching the beginner’s class.  And it is very systematic.  So, the coach in black will teach them forehand, and then, they will will go to the plastics bag station to hit the hanging plastic bag.  Then, they bring their 10 shuttlecock to the coach in red, and practising hitting the shuttlecock.

WOW… HE hits almost 7-8 shuttlecock thrown to him and almost every return is approximate at the same locations.  I think the way he spent 2 hours like this learning, he should be able to play with me in few months time.  Cool!


As usual, once got time, he talks and talks and chit chat with girls.  hahahaha

IMG 7312

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