It’s Good To Be Healthy Again

Date:  Mar 31, 2015

Oh boy, it is good to be healthy again.

My Coughing

Last month, I have been non-stop coughing.  

The flames is sometimes yellow, sometimes white, sometimes green.

It feels like infections.

It feels like hundred days coughing. 

It feels like sore throats.

Nothing Works!

The coughing is so terrible that at night I would wake up at least 3-5 times.  

Could not sleep as I cough violently.

The next day my throat will be dried and itchy.

So, the doctor gave me antibiotics.  And it does not work.  In fact, I feel weaker.

Then, I take the cough syrups.  It does not work.

Then, I try the acupuncture for the first time of my life.

And take the Chinese medicine.  Some cough syrups.

Then, I felt so heaty in my body, and my eyes becomes very red.  And it feels like they want to pop out like that. 

IMG 0107

I went the next day and the sensei recommend another acupuncture treatment.  And he advise me that instead of drinking 30ml of the cough medicine, drink 15ml instead.

Well, the next day, after acupuncture I feel great.  But my eyes still full of blood vessels.  It is totally red.

So, I decided to throw away the cough medicine.  I think it makes me too heaty.

What Works?

I tried drinking manuka honey.  It does not solve my sore throat.

I tried drinking Liang-Teh, and it does not help.

I tried 京都念慈安枇杷膏 and it does not work too.

I tried Panadol Cold tablet, and it does not work.

I don’t think I have flu, but I feel like a lot of flames.  

My flames is white at night, but in the morning, it turn yellow but not green.

Then, I figured out what went wrong.

My cough was a Cold Cough, but my sore throat is heaty.  So, if I take too heaty medicine and it will worsen my throat, and when throat gets itchy, I cough too.

Then, my friend Benney suggest me to buy medicine from Eu-Yan-Seng.  He said it works for him.

And I must say, that is the medicine I shall take in future to cure my cough.  It works!


When I walked into the Chinese medicine shop.  The sales man speak to me.

What is my symptoms?

“Is the flame white, yellow or green?”

I told him at night, I would cough very violently, and my flames is mostly white color.

I also told him, but when I wake up in the morning, the flames becomes concentrated and turn a little bit yellowish.

I told him I could not sleep because of this cough.

I usually wakes up 3-5 times from 12 mid night to 6am.

And that is when he recommend me these off the shelves medicine.

1.  The Hot Cough remedy.  Take one in the morning for two days.

IMG 9563

2.  At night, take the Cold Cough remedy.  Before sleep. For two days.

IMG 9564

3.  On the third day, the cough should have become better.  Then, take a mild hot cough in the morning and a mild cold cough in the night.

And he says that should do it.

IMG 9566

Take a look at the packaging.  This is the Hot cough package.

IMG 9561

Seems to have some super Chinese ingredients in there.  No chemical.

IMG 9562

Now.  Here is what happen.

a.  The first night, after I took the cold cough remedy.  I feel much better.  I don’t cough much.  My flames magically gone.

b.  The next day, I still got some yellowish flames.  And the hot cough remedy immediately cure it.  And my throats are much smoothen.

c.  By the time I took the two days hot and cold cough remedy, I feel I already 85% recover.

d.  I can sleep thru the night on the 2nd day.  First night, I still awake I think 2 times.  Instead of 3-5 times.

e.  And the third day, I was off to Melaka to take part in a two days golf events.

So, as soon as I come back from Melaka, I went to buy a few more bottles.  Just to make sure I can be 99% recovered.

So, this is what I take from right to left for 5-6 days.  And I feel so good after I had these medicines.

IMG 0195

The Hot and Cold Cough does not come cheap at all.  I was a bit surprise to see the price tag.  It is around $25 per bottle.  The Mild one is between $5-$8 I think.

I am so glad that I took the Eu-Yan-Seng special cough medicine and it cure me in time for the two days golf event and the following Carrier World trip in Bangkok.  Otherwise, I won’t be fit to play golf for the trips.

Also, one important thing.

You have to watch what you eat.  戒口.

a.  No cold drinks.

b.  No Tea.  Coffee OK.  But hot ones.

c.  No chilli or spicy food or curry.

d.  No fried stuffs.

As long as you can follow these, and take the medicine, you can recover very fast.




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