Jay Jay Is Now a School Prefect

Date:  Apr 1, 2015

Update (Apr 6, 2015):  Jay & his uniform with the Prefect Badge.

IMG 0541

Today, Jay Jay is very happy.  After 3-months of trial period, the school has finally made him Prefect.

IMG 0205

He is officially a member of 2015 Prefectorial Board.  This is his first taste as a leader.

I congrat him.

I also let him know that this prefectorial board is for the year of 2015.

So, it is not forever.

Means, he must have good behaviour, good leadership and good heart so that he will not loose the prefect status next year.

That is “Responsibility”.

He understood and he wants to be prefect for the next 4 years.

IMG 0212

This is their pledge.

IMG 0200

This is his batch.  Going to sew it on his uniform.

IMG 0214

And this is the ceremony.

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