Ding Tai Feng Toothpick Available at 7-Eleven

Date: Dec 22, 2013

Remember a few months ago, every one go to Ding Tai Feng asking for that special toothpick that minister Lim says is very good until he always bring a lot back…

Minister Lim Swee Say says Ding Tai Feng toothpick is the best!

Well guys, no need to go Ding Tai Feng already. You can actually buy it from 7-Eleven!

Hey, it comes with a mirror too!

The container can hold about 20 of them.

Looks and feel exactly the same as Ding Tai Feng one. But $2.50 for a box of 20 toothpicks.

Same blade same sharpness.

Same two side brushes.

Go get it while still got stocks! It’s not free though… Wahaha

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